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Reflective Rings

It's not hard to find headlines that scream "Why Millenials Aren't Buying Diamonds" it's not totally true, spoken as a full-on millennial with a diamond on her hand...

What is key when picking a ring for the potential bride to be?  It's so important for it to reflect their style and personality. They will be looking at it every day!

InStyle has a great collection of unique celebrity engagement rings to help you get inspired. From Reese Witherspoon's pink diamond to Princess Diana's sapphire stunner which now adorns Kate Middleton's left hand.

These amazing Simon G sparklers could be a great option for the off-beat bride.

Just remember, every girl is different. If you're out there shopping for that special ring looking at a wide variety of options is key. You'll find that one that screams her name.


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7 Tips For Choosing The Perfect Wedding Band

7 Tips For Choosing The Perfect Wedding Band

 wedding ring is a symbol of your commitment. It represents the unity of your love and is the materialization of your marriage.

While a lovely sentiment, none of this makes it any easier to choose your wedding band. At Janina’s, we know choosing a wedding band can be complicated and overwhelming. We aim to make the process easier on engaged couples, starting with these seven tips for picking a wedding band:

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