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About Janina's Diamonds and Time

About Janina’s Diamonds and Time

Janina’s Diamonds and Time began in 1986. After immigrating from Poland to Grande Prairie, Alberta, Canada, Andrzej and Janina Podolski worked hard to establish themselves. Andrzej invested deeply in goldsmithing, learning this skill in Canada while also learning English.

Janina’s began in the basement of a historical building in Grande Prairie. Expanding throughout the years, Janina’s physical location changed multiple times, but our commitment has remained the same: to bring beautiful, quality jewellery and timepieces to Grande Prairie, Alberta, and the Peace Region.

With the changing times, we’re committed to continue sharing our products – and our story – Canada-wide.

Our Commitment to Quality

Janina’s remains committed to the highest quality of jewellery and timepieces. Every piece – featured both in-store and online – is handpicked by our dedicated team. Our staff personally ensure each piece is held to the highest standards in both its make and its appearance.

As a team, we stay on top of the latest fashion trends and styles. We’re constantly looking for products that provide our customers with new ways to express themselves through a variety of jewellery and timepiece options.